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April 18, 2018


Focusing on Education, Job Creation, Public Safety, Border Security, Life & Family

Scottsdale, Arizona, April 18, 2018– Timothy Jeffries, business executive, philanthropist and former Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, declared his intention today to run for the State Senate in Arizona. Jeffries and his wife Mary Frances live in Scottsdale, so he will run for State Senate in Legislative District 23 encompassing Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Rio Verde.

Jeffries is the Executive Chairman of CRC Surface Technologies, a national leader in metal finishing and integrated services for the aerospace and defense industry. He “grew up” professionally in the high technology industry in the Silicon Valley, and successfully impacted an array of businesses dating back to his first global executive role in 1989. Jeffries has traveled the world extensively for business and has served on numerous corporate and charity boards of directors.

Jeffries retired from private business in February 2015 to serve in the cabinet of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. For 21 transformative months, Jeffries led the Department of Economic Security (DES), the second largest state government agency and primary social services provider in Arizona. Under Jeffries’ high-energy leadership, DES employee satisfaction and morale improved an astounding 300% within 13 months. Among other notable accomplishments, Jeffries vigorously attacked fraud, waste and abuse throughout the behemoth agency and beyond in a spirited effort to give millions of hard-working taxpayers, 7,600 dedicated public servants, over 1,000 social services partners and 1.6 million Arizonans in need the social services agency they always deserved yet had never received.

“During my 44 years of DES service, Director Jeffries was the best director we ever had. He inspired and honored us with his uplifting leadership and regular messages rooted in Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Accountability and Diversity (TRIAD). He is one of the most kind, caring, passionate, optimistic and hardworking men I have ever known. I believe in him! Thousands of us, former and current DES employees, look forward to supporting, volunteering and praying for Director Jeffries’ run for State Senate. In short, we love him! Arizona needs him.” – LuLu Guss, former Chief Business Operations Administrator of DES Unemployment Tax (UI) Administration

During his campaign for State Senate in Arizona, Jeffries will focus primarily on solutions for Education, Job Creation, Public Safety, Border Security and Immigration, and Life and Family (please refer to for more details). Jeffries said he has spoken with numerous potential donors and notable endorsers. As a result, he expects his campaign will be well-funded and supported. It will have ample resources to promote his campaign messages and respond to any scurrilous attacks.

“I have known Tim since 2005. We served together on the boards of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, Parents of Murdered Children and National Organization for Victims’ Assistance. He audited my class on Crime Victims’ Rights at the ASU Law School. We have also worked together to pass a much-needed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting equal rights for crime victims and their families. I supported Tim’s diligent work at the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). I supported and respected his rigorous pursuit of fraud, waste and abuse at DES. I consider Tim one of my treasured friends and most trusted brothers. His campaign for State Senate will be inspiring. He would make a great State Senator in Arizona.”- Steve Twist, Scottsdale resident

Jeffries remarked, “I am immensely humbled by the support, encouragement and enthusiasm from scores of great Arizonans from all walks of life that I respect, admire and love. My campaign for State Senate will be focused on big issues. I will not shy from details nor will I cower from making contrasts. Arizona is a great state, but it can be much better for everyone. Together, we can make a big difference. We can make Arizona one of the best states, if not the best state, in the United States of America.”

If you would like more information regarding Jeffries’ announcement and State Senate candidacy, please contact him directly at (480) 350-7472 or email him at

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State Motto of Arizona: DITAT DEUS

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