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June 14, 2018


 “We urge all Republicans and Independents to join us in supporting Timothy Jeffries for State Senate in LD 23 and the conservative leadership he will provide.” 

Scottsdale, Arizona, June 14, 2018 – Today, six (6) prominent Arizonans announced their personal endorsements for Timothy “Tim” Jeffries and his conservative Republican bid for the State Senate in Arizona Legislative District 23. The Jeffries campaign also shared other campaign endorsements have been secured and public announcements will be made over the coming weeks. 

Jay Heiler, founder of GreatHearts Academies, past Chairman of the Arizona Board of Regents, conservative lawyer and community leader. 

“My wife and I have known the Jeffries for several years. We share scores of wonderful, faith-filled and community-engaged friends. Timothy is a man of substantial gifts - a sharp and seasoned mind joined to a courageous and loving heart, all of it enlivened by a quick sense of humor. His extraordinary wife, Mary Frances, is among the brightest, most talented school leaders in Arizona. Education is front and center in their family life, as his campaign for Senate will reflect. He supports funding our schools in the continued pursuit of excellence, but he will not stand for waste or underperformance. Tim is thoughtful and direct. He does not mince words. He will be a breath of fresh air at the State Capitol and immediately win over his new colleagues there. I look forward to working with him for Arizona school kids and teachers.”

Richard Hannon, former senior executive in healthcare and former chairman of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

“I first met Timothy in 2006 when he joined the board of directors of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. In those days, he served as the COO of a small-publicly traded company and led their corporate turnaround before matriculating to his successful business transformation consulting practice. He was an absolute bulldog for Arizona small businesses at the Arizona Chamber where he was honored with the prestigious Volunteer of the Year Award in 2007. Timothy and I share the same deep love for God, Family, Friends and Country. We have served the sick and dying in Lourdes. His deep love for others brings joy to my heart as it also did to thousands of Arizonans affiliated with and impacted by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). He will be an excellent State Senator.” 

Gretchen Jacobs, Lobbyist. Lawyer. Oxford-educated scholar. Arizonan. Mother. 

“I first met Tim during his board service with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he was a significant contributor to the Arizona Chamber’s huge turnaround and statewide renaissance. The Arizona social services community is very important to me, so I followed his 21-month tenure at the AZ Department of Economic Security (DES) very closely. I fully supported his efforts to root out fraud, waste and abuse. I cheered along with thousands of Arizonans the upbeat tone and tenor he instilled in the broken agency as he crisscrossed the state. I remain impressed and heartened that he made a huge impact in such a short period of time. It was a big loss for DES workers and Arizonans in need when he left. Through all the ridiculous and vicious attacks, Tim never lost his good cheer and strong desire to serve others. He will be an outstanding member of the Arizona Senate.” 

Seth Leibsohn, nationally-recognized conservative author, commentator and radio host. 

“Timothy and I met during his consequential tenure as Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. We both penned national articles for the conservative powerhouse Heritage Foundation. He supported statewide efforts to stem the scurrilous tide of drugs. He transformed Arizona DES with faith, hope and love. He is a true servant leader. He is an inspiring gentleman who has suffered many things including the gruesome murder of his beloved big brother long ago. It always amazes me when he shares how grateful he is for the humble, broken blue collar family from which he hails. In short, Timothy is fearless, relentless and filled with goodness. He will be a significant and impactful Senator for Arizona.” 

The Honorable Thomas Horne, the 25th Attorney General of the State of Arizona. 

“I met Timothy years ago in Republican circles. He was a successful businessman and notable community activist in those days. He was also a national leader in the crime victims’ support movement. I closely followed his tenure at the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES), the state agency that most people said could not be fixed. I was amazed to learn he volunteered to lead and reform DES simply because he came from a shattered family replete with domestic chaos and post-divorce poverty. He still calls DES employees, “his colleagues” and says he “loves them.” Literally, thousands of Arizonans will say he did a great job at DES, and the agency’s best days were with him at the helm. Unfortunately, quite tragically, and even more unjustly, Jeffries suffered and still suffers betrayals, lies, slander and libel. To his credit, he will not go quietly in the night. To his credit, he will not let injustice stand. I am proud to call him my friend. He will be a fearless and consequential member of the State Senate.”

Steve Twist, conservative business leader and lawyer. 

“I have known Tim since 2005. We served together on the boards of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, Parents of Murdered Children, and the National Organization for Victims’ Assistance. Tim has amazing business acumen, a heart for service to others, and an unwavering commitment to justice. I am honored to serve with him in the crime victims’ rights movement. Tim is my dear and trusted friend. He is a treasure. He will serve LD 23 and Arizona well when elected. He will make a great State Senator in Arizona.” 

Jeffries offered the following comments regarding today’s public endorsements and the status of his campaign for State Senate in Legislative District 23: 

“I am humbled by the public endorsements from these notable leaders and influencers in Arizona. I am also heartened by the growing public support and strong private support from local neighbors, district residents, community activists, elected officials and treasured colleagues, particularly my former employees from the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). I look forward to announcing more campaign endorsements and garnering more private support in the weeks ahead. I also look forward to scheduling a series of debates with Representative Ugenti-Rita to shed bright light on our respective public policy views and differences. In addition, I look forward to my recent legal filing (Jeffries vs. Searles, et al.) swiftly prevailing to ensure the ballot qualification process is honored and protected.” 

As outlined on, Jeffries is focused primarily on the big and pressing issues of Education, Job Creation (esp. Small Businesses), Public Safety, Border Security and Immigration, and Life and Family. Befitting his highly transparent leadership style, his website outlines detailed initiatives and legislation that he will pursue if elected to the State Senate. To further this end, Jeffries expects to engage several hundred volunteers and several thousand voters and amass approximately $100,000 of campaign cash by the end of June, a mere 59 days to the primary election on August 28th. 

Timothy Jeffries is an accomplished business executive, values-based philanthropist, high-energy optimist and former servant leader of Arizona DES. He is currently the Executive Chairman of ChemResearch Company, Inc. (dba CRC Surface Technologies), a national leader in metal finishing and integrated services for the aerospace and defense industry, a vital segment of the Arizona economy. Jeffries also serves on several for-profit and non-profits advisory boards and boards of directors. 

If you would like more information regarding Jeffries’ announcement and State Senate candidacy, please contact him directly at (480) 350-7472 or email him at 

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