Jeffries Facts

Conservative Crusader @ AZ DES

  • Secured indictments of several public officials for fraud, including a member of the Arizona House of Representatives
  • Implemented ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for “bullies, liars, racists, sexual harassers, slackers” and others unworthy of taxpayer-funded state service
  • Legally exited 475 DES employees and reduced agency workforce by two (2) percent
  • Founded Arizona DES Protective Services to protect 77 DES service centers after San Bernardino Terrorist Massacre

Conservative Champion @ AZ DES

  • Deployed $25 million in agency financial savings to meritorious employees to improve significantly improve employee morale, agency operating performance and Arizona client satisfaction
  • Authorized raises for 4,000 employees (first raises in 10+ years for most folks)
  • Authorized first-ever and second-ever Merit Bonuses in 2015 and 2016
  • Reinstated Bi-Lingual Stipend and Education Reimbursement Programs

Conservative Transformer @ AZ DES

  • Improved DES employee morale by 300% within 13 months
  • Visited every DES location (164 total), and held over 500 town hall meetings
  • Personally answered over 12,000 employee emails
  • Directly engaged over 1,000 community partners
  • Met 1:1 with 30 of 30 Arizona Senators
  • Met 1:1 with 59 of 60 Arizona Representatives
  • Invested $50,000 of personal funds to honor good DES work, assist employees in need and aid some in dire crisis