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As a poor, broken kid from a shattered family in East Sacramento, California, I am grateful for my service to and for the people of Arizona in a variety of ways: business, charity and public service. I have always tried to improve the organizations I have been blessed to lead, and the lives of those affected by the work. I am a servant leader to the core, and I love helping others.

I am currently Executive Chairman of CRC Surface Technologies, a national leader in metal finishing and integrated services for the aerospace and defense industry. I “grew up” professionally in the high technology industry in the Silicon Valley, and positively impacted an array of businesses dating back to my first global executive role in 1989. I have traveled the world extensively for business and have served on numerous corporate and charity boards of directors.

I retired from private business in February 2015 to serve in the cabinet of Governor Doug Ducey. For 21 transformative months, I led the Department of Economic Security (DES), the primary social services provider in Arizona and second largest state agency. During my high energy tenure, DES employee satisfaction and morale improved an astounding 300% within 13 months. Among other notable accomplishments, I vigorously attacked fraud, waste and abuse (“The Swamp”) throughout the behemoth agency and beyond in a spirited effort to give millions of hard-working taxpayers, 7,600 dedicated public servants, over 1,000 social services partners and 1.6 million Arizonans in need the social services agency they always deserved yet had never received.

As you can imagine, my unwavering efforts to drain “The Swamp,” including the exiting of hundreds of employees whose dismissals were justified, made me a target of those who opposed real and sustainable reform. The media as led by the Arizona Republicattacked my transformation efforts, but NEVER shook my resolve to reform DES for Arizona. On the contrary, I became AND remain more committed than ever to serving the people of Arizona and the noble cause of good government.

Arizona Legislative District (LD) 23 encompasses Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Fort McDowell and some unincorporated areas of Northeast Phoenix. It has an open State Senate seat due to term limits. During my Conservative Republican campaign for the Senate seat, I plan to focus on important issues such as Education, Job Creation and Public Safety. One of our current State Representatives, Michelle Ugenti, is also standing for election for this open seat. Representative Ugenti and I have real disagreements on key public policy issues e.g. education funding and support for law enforcement, so I look forward to debating these and other issues with her as the campaign unfolds.

I look forward to meeting you during my campaign, sharing my views, debating our positions, finding common ground, generating good will, and even having a good laugh or two along the way. Together, we can and must make Arizona better for our district and our state. Together, we can make Arizona one of the best states, if not the best state, in our country.

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Timothy Jeffries

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