Que Pasa, Amigos?

Welcome to www.TJ4AZ.com 😊

Thank you very much for visiting my upbeat, issues-focused campaign website. I appreciate your kind interest in my State Senate candidacy. I would be honored to serve you, your family, neighbors and friends in Arizona. #GodFamilyCountry

As a quick introduction, I am a young 55 years old, but I have had an old soul since before my teens. I was born into tough circumstances, including domestic chaos and violence. When I was a freshman at Santa Clara University, I lost my beloved big brother to a gruesome murder. My heroic mother taught me to love God, Family & Country, work hard, and serve others. I beat the odds, I’m living the American Dream. I’m a husband, father, grandfather, godfather and eternal optimist. I am the owner and Executive Chairman of ChemResearch Company, Inc. (dba CRC Surface Technologies), an 80-person blue collar company doing important things for our country’s aerospace and defense industry. I also serve other companies and numerous non-profits. Net-net, I’m hardwired to serve many, love all, and protect those in need.

In February 2015, Governor Ducey asked me to transform the broken Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and improve social services for 1.6 million Arizonans in tough circumstances. We went to work, attacked the status quo, cleaned out deadwood, eliminated bureaucracy, improved morale, productivity, and care for Arizonans in need. Eventually the self-serving status quo fought back, claiming I was cruel for legally exiting 475 poor-performing employees and wrong to increase security for 7,600 employees and Arizonans who use DES services. The anti-reform media attacks I suffered solidified my hard-wiring to serve others and fight injustice.

I’m running for the State Senate to make a positive conservative difference for Arizona. I’m pro-border security, pro-public safety, pro-family, pro-education, pro-jobs, pro-reform, pro-Constitution, anti-politician and anti-fraud, waste & abuse.

Every fact-based assessment highlights BIG GOVERNMENT is never efficient, let alone great. Government typically makes promises it rarely keeps. It often fails our troubled neighborhoods, struggling schools and those who truly need help. It recklessly wastes our hard-earned tax dollars and rarely improves at anything. Reforming the outer edges of government doesn’t work. We need bold and meaningful reform. Our government must do better for us. Arizona must be better for All. I know I can help with this. I know I can make a difference as the only former large state agency director to serve in the Arizona Legislature. Please permit me to earn your vote and serve our future. I will serve you well, boldly, effectively and honorably. Join the Movement @Jeffries4Senate.

I look forward to meeting soon, sharing my views, debating our positions and finding common ground. I also look forward to generating good will, and even having a good laugh (or two or three) along the way. Together, we can and must make Arizona better for our district and our shared Arizona. Together, we can make Arizona one of the best states, if not the best state, in our country.

Thank you again for visiting my website. Please click on Take Action and join our quest. It would be a humbling honor to serve you and All in our State Senate.


Timothy Jeffries

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